The Boys


Brisbane-born Greg Doolan was 12 when he played his first guitar. He performed with local groups, and in 1972 was a member of Preston when it won Hoadley’s Battle of the Bands.

Later he joined Winston County and toured Australia’s pub circuit for two years. In 1975 his ambition to form his own band resulted in the birth of Wickety Wak® .

Greg’s ability to understand exactly what the audience wanted, combined with his flair for sending up some of the world’s most popular artists, was a basic ingredient for Wak’s success.

Since leaving the legendary Wickety Wak® , Greg has achieved success in his own right. He was nominated as “Australian Entertainer of the Year” at both the prestigious “Mo” Awards and “Australian Club Entertainers” awards in Sydney. Greg has also been nominated as “Best Male Vocalist in Australia” for the 3rd year in succession.

Named “2001 Australian Versatile Variety Performer of the Year” at the “Mo” Awards, and having scooped the pool in Queensland, winning every Entertainer of the Year/Male Vocalist of the Year/ and Variety Performer of the Year awards since 2002, sees Greg confirming what his peers have been touting for years – that Greg Doolan is a unique and outstanding performer. August 2009 marked the begining of the successful sellout ‘BEE GEES TRIBUTE SHOW’ Staring Greg , Tony and Rob. Sadly , Greg passed away peacefully on the 16th of March 2017 after a short battle with cancer. 



Originally from Ireland, Tony Jeffrey arrived in New South Wales at the age of seven. He began singing in eisteddfods in Bathurst at nine, and at 16 made his first professional appearance in the Sydney clubs. His career flourished. In 1970 he represented Australia at the Eurovision Song Festival and joined the Wak as lead singer in 1975.

Tony’s great voice provided many of the most ‘serious’ moments in the group’s performance, one of the most requested songs being Memories.

When Wickety Wak® retired in 1990 Tony hit the ground running. His love of the entertainment industry led to his purchase and management of Taylors Hotel in Mackay. Then in 1997 Tony moved to the Sunshine Coast where he managed the Water Front Hotel in Maroochydore .12 months after that Tony also performed with The Good Rockin’ Daddy’s, Geoff Wilkes etc.Tony also teamed with original Wakker Peter Smith in ‘Wacked Out’

Tony still enjoys performing locally around clubs with one of the Wak boys Rob Rosenlund as a duo act. Tony also had Performed with Greg Doolan in the ‘Legends show’. .



Pahnie Jantzen’s musical career began at 14 with a family group in his home town – Wanganui, New Zealand. He became a carpenter and moved to Australia: working in various towns, and played at night in a number of groups.

He based himself in Brisbane when Greg Doolan invited him to join the Wak as bass player. The magic Maori brought Louis Armstrong’s music alive, and provided an insight into Stevie Wonder.

When Wickety Wak® retired in 1990 Pahnie admitted to feeling a little lost. For 16 years he’d had his ‘family’ of four brothers with him and they were constantly flying here and driving there, with almost every day in a different town. After a year Pahnie settled into life without Wak and started his solo career, which included a short stint with the band, Three Dimension. He later joined Peter and Robbie in Out of Wak.

Pahnie and his wife Ngaire are now the highly successful duo Pinkke Champagne.Pahnie also performed with Tony and Rob locally around the clubs.

Sadly Pahnie passed away on the 28th of March 2013 after a brief battle with cancer. Please visit Pahnies memorial and tribute page on this website .



Rob Rosenlund, a self taught piano player, was born and bred in Brisbane. His initial trade was a sheet metal worker, and his first professional job was with Winston County. A fellow musician was Greg Doolan.

When the Wak’s original keyboard player left, Robbie took his place. Through his love for cartoon characters became one of the most requested segments – his Kermit the Frog impersonation.

After Wickety Wak® Rob joined forces with Peter and Pahnie in Out of Wak. Since then he has built a highly successful solo career, performing in clubs in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

In 2005, Rob received the “Golden Service Award of the Year” at the Entertainment of the Year Awards for Clubs in South East Queensland.

He was also one of four finalists nominated for “Male Vocal Act of the Year”.In 2006, Rob received the “Best Soloist Award” at the Entertainment of the Year Awards for Clubs in South East Queensland.

Rob now teams with either Tony as a duo act and can be found locally in clubs together. Robs website –



From the home of the pie floater comes Peter Mackay. He started drumming professionally at 18 with bands including The Harts, The Vibrants, Benjamin Courtenay and The Sound in Adelaide and Melbourne. After spending eight months with a group called Citation in Singapore, Peter returned to Australia and joined the Wak as its drummer in 1976. Peter’s great love of comedy produced the memorable send-ups of Joe Cocker, Willie Nelson and Sammy Davis Jnr.

After Wickety Wak® retired Peter was able to indulge in his favourite passion – travel. Peter and his family enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime, four month around the world jaunt. Taking in Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean, Peter described the trip as “unforgettable”. He has also enjoyed travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, China and Thailand. While Peter loves to travel, his love for performing has still held strong and he joined Greg Doolan’s show in the early 90’s for a few years, later on teaming up with Rob and Pahnie and their “Out of Wak” show. Another of Pete’s passions is art and he has also studied at the Brisbane Institute of Art. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Peter is now retired..BUT we can hope he will one day return to perform with the guys again in the current line up of shows.


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